WOOOHOOOO!!! I proposed to my bride almost 6 months ago to the date.. As you can imagine an insane amount of planing and construction has taken place to get this thing pulled off.. We were so sooo thankful for ALL of our amazing vendors and friends that helped make this wedding such an incredible one! If you recall a couple weeks ago we had quite the interesting weather conditions here in So Cal which included an insane amount of rain, hail and even tornadoes.. TORNADOES for crying out loud.. This is Orange County!!! Hahah Kristin and I loved and enjoyed every minute we had during this time..

I wanted to post just a couple of the amazing photos taken by the incredible duo from Jasmine Star Photography. Jasmine and JD completely rocked our wedding photos more than I could have ever hoped or dreamed of.. I cant tell you how many people asked Kristin and myself “Well whose going to do YOUR wedding photos”… Like there was supposed to be this HUGE pressure to select the “perfect” wedding photographer.. Well there was.. Of course  :)  But during our initial client meeting with Jasmine all these fears and pressure quickly faded! We knew we would be completely blessed to have these two amazing photographers document our big day! In fact this was the case with ALL our amazing vendors..

Lauryl Lane, Floral Extraordinaire, was the one who was responsible and the mastermind behind our flower creations.. We came to her with ideas and that we mostly wanted a rustic vintage vibe that incorporated the use of cotton.. lots and lots of cotton.. Well what you are about to see we hope will leave you speechless like it did us.. Honestly.. when I try to describe how insanely talented and amazing Lauryl is I just cant do it.. I cant put words down that would do her work justice.. so I wont even try.. All I can say though is that Lauryl is super easy to work with, fun and energetic, ridiculously talented and an incredibly hard worker! I will refer everyone I know to her for the rest of my life  :)

Huge thank you’s to Eva Chiou with Red Velvet Occasions and Melody with The Sweet and Saucy Shop. Eva worked tirelessly for months and months helping with the details both large and small.. I dont think she knew what she was getting into but I am sure thankful she hung in there with us all along the way!! Melody is someone you can always count of for shear brilliance. Her cakes and deserts are flawlessly delicous and way super cute! Coming from a guy is a huge compliment!! They were amazing. Also thank you’s to Drew from Shady Tree Fims and Tony and Jillian from Zany Booths. These guys deserve an entire post by themselves they were so awesome so be on the look out for them in the near future…

I want to thank DJ Taso from Atmosphere Entertainment for all the beautiful bistro lighting as well as rocking the party all night for us.. They are the industries best entertainment company by far and completely blew us away by their love for what they do and for their clients. Again if any of you need a DJ or lighting for your event.. please please please contact AE you wont regret it!!

Last but not least.. A HUGE thank you to Josh over at CHIPOTLE.. It took quite a bit of planning but we actually got Chipotle to cater their very first wedding EVER.. We had to though considering that we eat there at leat 3 times a week.. well … at least I do.. we were super proud and honored to be the firsts.. it was a huge hit with our guests!

Ok Now time for the photos.. Here is the start of the day with Kristin getting ready… she is just drop dead gorgeous!!

One of our fav shots of the day.. Kris’s shoes on her grandmas memorabilia box.. This was super sweet and special to Kristin and her mom.

Along with our cotton we fell in love with the bolsa flowers.. made from real wood, we felt would really help add the rustic element we were looking for!

The ladies..

and us..

Probably one of my favorite shots of the day! and although I haven’t seen them all or even close.. I know that this is one of them for sure!! This is right before our first look.

Look it how rad Kristin’s Bouquet is… R I D I C U L O U S

check out the awesome light…

Our awesome programs made by the amazing and talented Lucy from D*LSH. She also did our invites too so you can check those out here. She did an awesome job!

This was my favorite aspect of the day.. Lauryl hand strung all those cotton bolls on fishing line that ran for our entire aisle.. which was about 100 feet long each.. that’s dedication!!

awesome flowers and set up by Eva and Lauryl.. You girls ROCK!! It was absolutely perfect

As some of you know we sponsored the construction of a water well to be drilled in Honduras this march and Kristin and I are actually going to physically drill the well along with Living Water Int’l. We had each of our guests right an encouraging note to the future well recipients as we are going to personlally hand deliver the notes during our trip. The pencils they used to write the notes was part of their thank you gift.

Cakes and mini desserts…Like I said.. FLAWLESS!! Thanks Melody!!

Our first dance as husband and wife! I love Kris’s face.. she so adorable!!

God delivered HUGE for the big day.. not a single cloud in the sky, air perfectly clean and crisp, snow blankets completely covering the local mountain ranges and the temperature… perfectly brisk… just the way we like it! Honestly only the big guy could pull it off.. and we knew He could! We were so blessed by the day.. Surounded by friends and family, It was such a great experience from start to finish.. As Kristin and I were reflected on our wedding the next day we relized that all our our hearts desires were met and exceeded.. super exceeded.. We were thankful that we saw each other for the first time before the wedding and with just the two of us.. as that was probably one of my favorite, sweetest parts of the day.. The location was gorgeous, birds chirping and the sound of a little water creek in the background with the sight of impressive old oak trees. The sunlight was present but soft and filtered. The ceremony was priceless and touched our hearts deeply. We ate our food while it was still warm, we talked to as many of our guests as we possibly could and danced for hours unitl the very last dance.. ate our cake, and roasted up some smores.. ummm my favorite!! It was a perfect day. Not a single complaint..

Looking back on the wedding, I noticed that being in the same circumstances as our clinets really opened up a whole new world to us. We have been to hundreds and hundreds of weddings before but never had our own.. I think we will really be able to treasure moments even more and equip us with a different perspective in documenting the love of our future clients. It has really brought us incredible insight that we look forward to incorporate our new experiences into our photography in the future.

Thank you all for your prayers and your presence in making this day something truly specail that we will hold and treaure all the days of our lives.. Lord Bless

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