Hey Everybody!! Have any of you had trouble figuring out what you should wear to a wedding? So much so that you actually tried typing in the words “what to wear to a wedding” in the google search bar. Well today I am partnering up with THE BLACK TUX to share with you this awesome WEDDING GUEST STYLE GUIDE they created to help answer all your detailed questions.

So…what should you wear to a wedding?

Take a look at that invitation of yours!

Does it say Formal, Casual-Chic, Semi-Formal, Black Tie? Ever wondered what those words actually mean in terms of what to wear? Well wonder no longer as this WEDDING GUEST STYLE GUIDE helps lay out simple and easy to follow rules and guidelines to give you ideas of what to wear to a wedding in nearly every category. The next thing to do…

Take a gooooood look at that invitation of yours!

How was it packaged? Did it come in the form of an Evite in your inbox or was it personally delivered to your doorstep by a butler in a horse drawn carriage. Generally speaking the invitation says it all and usually sets the tone for the entire event.  If the invitation says Black Tie but you got your invitation in an email then you most likely can get away with a nice dark suit. However if your invitation came delivered in a box and 1000 butterflies flew out of it when you opened it then you better wear that Tuxedo no questions asked!

If any of you gentleman out there are looking for something awesome and comfortable to wear but you don’t want to purchase, be sure to check out The Black Tux’s rental inventory! They have some great pieces available and their customer service and ordering system is top notch!

what to wear to a wedding

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