Tree Trunk Photo Wall

I wanted to post another little sneak peak of our wedding.. Here is the behind the scenes of the construction process of our photo wall.. We are going to use this as the background of our photo booth ! I AM SO O O O Excited!!

When we thought of this idea we had no IDEA the amount of work that lied ahead or what it was going to take to bring this bad boy to life.. after careful planning.. strolling the huge halls of the local Home Depot we collaborated and strategized.. actually… we just bought a bunch of stuff and started playing.. First off I have to give a big thank you to the guys over at Richfield Tree Farm in Yorba Linda for all their help in finding and cutting the wood.. Super awesome guys and they have a great big cut-it-yourself tree farm with over 60 acres!!… My dinkey chainsaw was nothing compared to their MONGO one and got the job done so much faster! if it wasnt for them I think I would still be cutting. Here is what we started with!

a little Gorilla, porter cable, some mdf board, 2×2’s and we were off..

we wanted to make sure that all the trees were different shapes and sizes so we could create a unique and diverse mosaic.

only 4 more consecutive trips to home depot, 2 more trips to the lumber yard and 3 solid days or manual labor later!!! WHaalloaaa!! Photo Wall.. good thing Kristin already agreed we can put it up as our headboard in our new place!! I cant wait to move in together after we are married! its going to be so exciting!

the first photos from our booth..


I think it came out exactly how I imagined.. however long story short… I wouldn’t recommend this project to anyone  :)  After Kristin saw it she said “ohhh its soo awesome!! do you think you could make another one behind the cake table too…?” and I replied.. “……cricket…….cricket…….”  :)

A HUGE thanks for a HUGE investment of time Mr. Matt Gartner with Gartner Photography. One of my good friends, groomsmen/workhorse and other mastermind behind this creation..if it wanst for him I dont think I would have been able to move the several hundred pound wall by my self… literally i think its about 300 lbs total… yikes  :)

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